Asked ‘n Answered

This morning the president did a Q&A on Twitter under #AskPOTUS, and one questioned posed (with his answer) caught my eye…

I voted for President Obama both times and have been proud to have him as our president— but I would have to slightly disagree with his response. For some it isn’t so much with the lack of being informed or being dissuaded with a bunch of rhetoric— but rather having the means.

If you qualify under the ACA (aka Covered CA, in my state), you’re given your options of plans and how much they cost. And if you find yourself in a bind and can no longer carry a payment, and get dropped, you’re pretty much in the wind. Sometimes your local county will have your ACA case forwarded to them where you may be able to be put on something like Medi-Cal. You’re on it for a month or three and then all the sudden the county sends you a termination notice (not being a medically-indigent adult, etc).

And you reapply for ACA again when the enrollment period comes back around— and nothing happens.

So yes… it also is bureaucracy that drives people away and turns them off.

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