Weather accuracy— if there is such a thing. I’m a weather bug, so to speak, and I always tap into the forecast and see what’s doin’— and like most in Southern California— I’m surprised by this sudden monsoonal weather we had beginning yesterday. Rain in July? Rare, I believe. By way of the crow, shortest distance to the beach from my house, is exactly eight miles. So to see this kind of weather close to the coast is surprising. I spent three years living in Arizona (late millennium to early 2010s), and I got used to the monsoonal weather patterns in the Phoenix metro area. In fact I personally couldn’t wait for them to roll around. The mercury could be up around 110F and come late afternoon with thunderheads rolling in— the mercury would easily drop twenty degrees during a July/August rain. So yesterday afternoon when I noticed it was getting “dark” around 4pm— I also felt a change in the air. The humidity rose and so did the hairs on the back of my neck; something I hadn’t experienced since Arizona. Five or six thunder rolls and a few dabs of of sprinkles is pretty much all that happened. But the humidity…it is sticking around, especially today. So I got curious and checked the forecast… weather1 weather2 weather3Makes you wonder whose pulling which data from where. One outfit reports over a fifty percent chance while most of the others cite around twenty or so. I hold hope for the chances in the top graphic— but with my luck it won’t even hit the lower projections. But wait, wait… it’s getting dark.

Update @ 9:16PM: Not a single drop today, and much less cloud cover than yesterday.

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