Old School Seltzer

Original New York Seltzer Water- as found in Whittier, California.
Original New York Seltzer Water- as found in Whittier, California.

Happened upon a World’s Market in Whittier this afternoon and I found my much-sought-after Original New York Seltzer Water. It was a widely popular soda beverage throughout much of the 1980s up until the Bush 41 era. If you were born before 1986 you may not remember these. The original soda line consisted of Black Cherry, Raspberry, Peach, Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Orange, Blueberry, and Cola & Berry flavors.

It was revived earlier this year in what I assume was by a new group of investors who went full-tilt in securing the trademarks, ingredients and branding. It initially launched as a web-only exclusive where you could order directly from the site. In the last several months they have slowly made their way into various markets and regional chains. For a while it was the far-reaches of Los Angeles that was the closest places to me to get my hands on it.

Out here in Orange County it is available at World’s Market and I was up in Whittier this afternoon and just had to stop in. As of right now they only have six flavors: Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Raspberry, Peach, Lemon & Lime, and Black Cherry. World Market in Whittier only had Black Cherry, Lemon & Lime and Root Beer. I bought one of each and a duplicate of Black Cherry, and so far I’ve tried them all except for Lemon & Lime… which I will tomorrow. The Root Beer one is tops, and I have to say it really rivals the flavor of A&W. I’m not kidding. My brother was up at the Brea location of World’s Market tonight, and he says that all the flavors are there, and I will be getting up to get the remaining three.

So pretty much when I got with my first two today I completely rinsed them out, keeping the label dry, and filled them up with water and tightly replacing the cap— as if they look unopened and I have put them in my glass wall hutch in my dining area. Yeah, I’m an old school die-hard.

ONYS has a great website with a heavy social media presence. They also sell some shirts and a few varieties of hat-wear. In the stores they will retail for about $1.50 a piece. Online they will sell them by the case, with 12 bottles, for about $18.00. I imagine the variety pack is a huge seller.

The bottles completely look the same as the originals— right down to the blue/white caps. The same branding is all still there with a few minor changes. They list their social media accounts and the famous skyline logo now has the Statue of Liberty back where the Twin Towers were in the original label.

If you’re dying to see where they are in your area— look no further.

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