Great Scott III

Today is finally here— October 21, 2015. A day that has long been anticipated since 1989 when Back to the Future II debuted and left all of us 80s kids wondering about Twenty-Fifteen with flying cars, hover boards, self-lacing Nike’s, hydrating pizzas and much more.

But upon waking up today what did we find? Joe Biden is not running for president, and the commemorative Pepsi Perfect limited sale— sold out early before anyone could really get their hands on them, and fans are furious. I did read a review from the other day from someone who got their hands on one from the New York Comic Con, and they actually opened it all up and drank it. Results: the bottle is plastic, and tastes just like regular Pepsi… with real cane sugar. Pepsi has yet to address the concerns about the anger over the sale, except to have a one line quote on their website…

“Our limited edition bottles of Pepsi Perfect went on sale on October 21, 2015 as planned and sold out faster than we ever expected!”

Tomorrow’s USA TODAY will carry an actual faux cover from Back to the Future II, which in the film was dated October 22, 2015, and I imagine folks will be snatching those up. I plan to get a copy or two.

Click to enlarge
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There are plenty of BTTF-related events going on and my favorite retro radio station, Jack FM, has a nice list here. It’s also being reported that there will be a special private screening tonight at Rockefeller Center in New York with most of the original cast. Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd reunited this morning in New York on the Today Show. Actress Claudia Wells, who played Jennifer in BTTF I, told TMZ that she’s anticipating tonight’s screening and has already run into Huey Lewis in her hotel lobby. Lewis, as we all know, was instrumental (no pun intended) in BTTF 1’s soundtrack.

Click to enlarge
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Earlier this month my brother and I ran some errands up in Whittier, and we found ourselves out by Whittier High School (that also doubled as Hill Valley High in BTTF 1 & 2). We drove along the outside of the campus and found it pretty secure with gates and wrought iron fencing; clearly not permissible for non-school folks to trek onto campus (though many other bloggers/vloggers, et al, have). Then we realized where we were when we were along the east-end of the campus: Mr. Strickland’s street. James Tolkan, playing Mr. Strickland, and his ancestors, in all three BTTF films, filmed some scenes in BTTF 2 on darkened Bailey Street there in Whittier— which doubled as his own residence. I took the above-right picture where you can clearly see his house (in blue) and the side exteriors of Whittier High School— as seen in the film. I imagine many a location today will have heavy foot and vehicle traffic passing on through.

What will I be doing on this “Future Day”?: errands, chores and the like. After all… the FUTURE is NOW!

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