Great Scott IV

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October 22nd— not the 21st— is the famous date for the coveted front page from Back to the Future II. As mentioned prior, USA Today made available in this morning’s paper the almost-exact cover from II; (some changes were made like removing the Queen Diana visiting America reference since she had died back in 1997).

It is 99% spot-on with the cover seen in the film, and only the Youth Jailed cover is available— not the secondary Gang Jailed headline. It is interesting to note that in fact USA Today is who created and printed the original newspapers back in 1989, and they only arrived on set minutes before they would be utilized in their introduction by Doc Brown.

Like the Pepsi Perfect debacle, there is legitimate concern about the widespread availability of today’s paper. In my area the only place that primarily carries USA Today are the vast number of 7-Eleven stores. There’s 3 within a 2 mile radius of my home. They arrive to their stores around 5am, and I got up around 6:30 and went to my nearest one and found that there was only two copies left. I previously had planned to buy two, but I wasn’t going to be THAT GUY, aka a schnorrer, who’d take the last copies. One of my dear, longtime friends out in Riverside County got to her local 7-Eleven only to find that the three copies she was going to get only ended up being the single, last one!

But do not despair and do not be suckered by the eBay auctions— because USA Today is directly selling the covers online from their own website for $4.95!

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