Frankly Joan

I have always had an affinity for Old Hollywood and it’s Golden Age era. I suppose I initially came to this from being an early-on fan of watching a lot of I Love Lucy when it was in heavy syndication on KTTV Fox 11 back in the 1980s. The Hollywood episodes are what really opened my eyes as a grade school kid of who some of the original greats were. Although Joan Crawford was never on I Love Lucy, she did appear in the late 60’s on The Lucy Show in a memorable episode playing herself.

Joan was the hardcore, consummate professional at the height of her craft, and although her career had later declined— her self-discipline and values never changed. They really show in this 1970 interview she did on David Frost’s show. I’ve seen this before, but it’s the first full video posted that shows it in it’s entirety and not in six separate parts. It’s a worthy watch if you’re into this genre.

Early on when she talks about wardrobe— and she mentions Adrian— that’s Adrian Adolph Greenberg. He was simply known by his first name, and was a legendary costume designer for MGM Studios. His most famous costuming is seen in Wizard of Oz.

Joan died a couple years before I was born, but over a decade ago I was very lucky to meet one of her film directors, Vincent Sherman. At nearly 100 years of age he still had a sharp mind and great wit, and I will forever be grateful for  the conversation he and I had about her. FYI- they had a three year fling, but that was no secret of course back in the day. But furthering on into this millennium… how many of her lovers do you think you could go find and talk to today? Nearly nil, I suppose.

Vincent Sherman & Joan Crawford
Vincent Sherman & Joan Crawford

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