About Me

I was born in Anaheim, California at the tail-end of Carter’s term, and spent the majority of my childhood over in Corona from about kindergarten up through the 5th grade. Orange County called us back in September of ’90, to the same house our family owned in Anaheim, and the O.C. has mostly been home ever since.

I say mostly because there was a three-year period I resided in Chandler, Arizona from ’08 to ’11—and I never was happier to be back to SoCal. The heat was something to get used to at times, but dusty desert landscape and so forth makes you yearn from whence you came. And to that end I say: Arizona—a nice place to visit. If you’re gonna live in Phoenix… getting away to Flagstaff, Sedona, Payson and/or the Alpine area is an absolute must in the summertime. You keep your sanity that way, mostly.

I began blogging around 2001 and kept a steady blog, with thousands of posts, until about the summer of 2012 when I called it quits with web development. From 1997 on I created, designed and maintained scores of websites for bloggers, business owners, actors, actresses and even news anchors/reporters. Being a “webbie” was fun, and it never was a business or for-pay. I think the D.I.Y. aspect of web design (ie: drag-n-drop) is the new thing now, and just about anyone with a mouse and internet connection can design a very nice and clean site. I actually like that concept as it gives people more direct control.

I also like to draw, when I can, and I have a separate site for that over here. I since started blogging again (2015), and just seeing how it goes.

And that’ll do it for the semi-obligatory “About Me” page! I also can be found on Twitter, @TRDonovan.