Heck, I don’t know what to say, but every personal site/blog pretty much has the obligatory “About” page, and I guess this is mine.

Well I was born during the Carter administration in Anaheim, California where we were until months before I started kindergarten— and eastbound it was off to the Inland Empire, the city of Corona. Grew up most of my childhood there and returned back to the same house we owned in Anaheim right after the 5th grade. Anaheim is my hometown and I lived there probably half my life in the ensuing years. I never considered myself a Circle Citian or Crown Towner from my years in Corona though. I say that because someone gave me some guff years ago, emphatically ripping me because I never listed Corona as my native city; lest they forgot my O.C. roots. Anyways…

Orange County has largely been home, save for the few years I felt adventurous and lived in the Phoenix metro area of Arizona. That was some serious living. Fun and exciting at first, but wait till July/August when you have over a dozen days above 112F+, easy. The landscape is different, that’s for sure. Everything is ten shades of brown/tan, pink and Palo Verde yellow. Love the monsoons, but hate 95% the rest of the year. Arizona: a nice place to visit.

I had a blog years ago and it ran from just after the millennium up until four years ago. It was on this, that and pop culture of whatever. I got tired of it. I previously was in web design and that has since died off ages ago. The DIY websites is the now, and heavily advertised.

Other than that I draw, like plants and… whatever else. Nice filler for this page, no?