First Music

These two songs above are the first songs I first ever remember hearing in my early Anaheim years. And every time I hear them I get reminded of when…

TRUE— I had to have been at least three or four years old when I was brought along one night for a trip to the old City Shopping Center (now the Block at Orange The Outlets at Orange). I believe I was somewhat in pajama-wear when I was led by the hand through the mostly-empty and dimly-lit mall. The ambient sound system overhead inside the mall played music of the day, and that’s when I first heard “True.” We happened by a storefront that was mostly glass on the outside and the store was already closed and dark for the night. But in the store window were a set of female mannequins dressed in dark red or burgundy hoods. They looked almost druid-like with their faces hidden behind the opening of the front of the hoods. I imagined monster-like faces. The up-and-down facing spotlights upon them added to that effect. Every time I hear “True”—I’m taken back to that night. All it takes is just the first few notes of the song and I’m right back there.

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE— To this day this is one of my all-time favorite songs. It’s iconic, I believe, as it epitomizes the height of the New Wave movement of the early 1980s. BDTH always seemed to be playing back then (1983)—eliciting memories of sunny days of the backyard of our Anaheim duplex, times at Holiday Gardens and playing in the house. I remember one trip in the car while running an errand with my dad and Uncle Russell when it was on the radio. As I was riding in the backseat that day— I vividly recall the strong smell of fresh roofing tar from the street outside. Good times.