Rockit ’84 was the spring of 1984 and our family had just freshly moved into our Corona, California home on Rainbow Ridge Drive. My bedroom was at the front of the house which had windows on two walls; one being a big bay window and the other a long rectangular one with an air conditioner in it. They were tinted and made things look spooky at night inside when the lights were off. Even more so than with the light one when you can’t see outside.

One night I went to bed and I had a nightmare of sorts. Well, when you’re only 4½ years old it doesn’t much much to spook you. I dreamed that I was in my bedroom and had woken up from my sleep, and for whatever reason I looked up towards the window with the air conditioner and there was a flood light off in the distance that illuminated the side of the house. It wasn’t terribly bright light, but it was as if it came from the next house of two over.

I found I had a couch up along my wall where my bed is and animatronic figures sitting on it. One without an upper body, but just a waist and legs. Up in the window I see a figure, partially-shadowed, but also seen because of the light and I started to really trip out.

Muffy Mouse
Muffy Mouse

It was Muffy Mouse from the Nickelodeon show Today’s Special, of which I had watched at the time. Muffy was fervently looking through my window as if she could see something straight ahead, and I feared she could see me as I was looking up at her.

Then I woke up. I would like to thank Herbie Hancock for that dream…as Rockit now remains one of my favorite pieces of music and music videos. Funny how instrumental, in the oddest ways, MTV can be in your early years.