Stories & Reflections

Whenever I wax nostalgic for yesteryear… this is the place I post stories and reflections of growing up from the long-lost eras they were enveloped in.

The Corona Years

  • Rockit ’84– How simple music video inspired a Nickelodeon-crossover nightmare.
  • Mr. Rachunok– a memorable vice principal from my John Adams years, and the lasting impact he’s had.
  • Mrs. Barbara “Bobbie” Ireys– stories from my 4th grade with one of my most favorite teachers. Mrs. Ireys passed away in 1999, but she left long-lasting impact with me all these years.

The Anaheim Days (’79-’84 & ’90-’93)

  • Holiday Gardens– little of what I can mostly recall of my short time at preschool back in late ’83.
  • First Music– two iconic songs I ever first remember hearing back when New Wave was still new.
  • One Year at Revere– After 6½ years of living in Corona, Paul Revere Elementary School in my native Anaheim was a year not to be forgotten— as it was the longest one, ever.

Sonora High School

  • The Letter– a life lesson in writing something down where the Internet wasn’t a “thing” just yet.
  • The Knife– continuing on from early Freshman year… something that still remains with me to this very day.

Other Adventures & Happenstances